Kokeb Zemed Pinard

Koki Designs is a Kenyan based fashion workhouse created in 2009 by Kokeb Zemed Pinard who has been living in Nairobi since 2001 and is here to stay. She is also called Koki by most that know her for custom designs and jewellery. She has experience making wedding dresses, tailored suits, everyday wear, bracelets, necklaces all the above and more without neglecting the African touch that is the most important component of her work. Being Ethiopian you will not have to look far to recognize the colours and patterns of East African wear.

Stylist & Designer

Koki is a stylist as much as she is a designer meaning she creates clothes that you might have seen on the runways of Nairobi or at the Spinner’s Web. You have surely already seen her work worn by the Supreme Court judges adding true African colours to the otherwise black and white English robes, unchanged since the country’s independence. The Koki Designs brand is constantly evolving with time, looking for new approaches to boast the love of fashion.

Award Winning

This fashion house has ambitions of modernizing the traditional wear in Kenya and Ethiopia with inspired collections exposed in her private shop near Village Market. If you are curious you can get the latest information on the Facebook (Koki Designs) or Instagram (koki_designs) pages. Colorful and authentic, expect no less from this brand, fueled by the East African culture, a well of creativity. Kokeb is the winner of East African Designer 2017, Kenya Fashion Awards.